Mind Trap Canberra

We have made a difficult decision on how we operate. From 4 May 2020, we will no longer have a physical premises in the city and will be suspending all bookings temporarily while we change the way we deliver our services.

What will change in the future?

Operating hours

We will no longer have fixed operating hours. Hours will vary based on suitable space and staff availability.

We will update our online booking portal, social media and website with session times as they become available.


We have looked and decided that a fixed location in the city is no longer the best option available for us.

Locations will be more flexible (with street parking) including rotating between Canberra's North and South regions where venues available.

Walk-ins & Bookings

Walk-ins will unfortunately no longer be available.

Online bookings will be essential and payments must be made online.

We will be unable to perform manual bookings or take payments either by phone or e-mail.


We will have a total of up to 5 VR stations in operation (location dependent). This is a reduction from 14 across all experiences.

We are removing: VR Racing; VR First Person Shooters & Limited VR Escape Rooms (location dependent)

Gift vouchers

Customers can keep their gift vouchers and redeem them in the future.

Due to COVID-19, we are offering to buy back vouchers ($1 to $1) if you no longer wish to use your remaining/unused balance.*

Complimentary vouchers (online or store) will not be eligible for buy back.

When will be we back?

We’re anticipating coming back around the later half of the year under our new model. We need time to reflect on the past few months and to adapt to this changing & challenging time.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us to this date, we hope to come back a little different but offering the more of the same things you have enjoyed.

Further questions?

Please contact us via e-mail (info@mindtrap.com.au) or through our website contact form

We aim to respond within 24 – 48 hours.

*This offer may be withdrawn or changed at any stage.