We have shut down our Canberra city premises and have moved to a mobile operation only

Try out our virtual reality offerings where you’ll be transported into another world to explore, enjoy and challenge yourself or your mates in unreal situations. While our offering may have shrunk, the experiences have gotten bigger.

what's changed

Open hours

We will no longer have fixed operating hours.

At this stage, we are reassessing our longer term operations with the intent to eventually exit this space.

Booking availability will be more varied.


Our fixed location in the city is no longer the best option available.

Mobile locations will vary depending on venue availability and other factors.

Gift vouchers

Customers can keep their gift vouchers and redeem them with us or Metaphysica.

There is a current gift voucher buy back on offer for those who do not wish to redeem their vouchers
(excluding complimentary vouchers) *


Walk-ins will unfortunately no longer be available.

Online bookings will be essential and payments must be made online.

Staff assisted bookings will not be available.


We have reduced our selection to host the most popular experiences overall.

This means we are focusing only on VR Escape Rooms and some standalone VR games only.


Our backpacks and other VR equipment will be available for hire.

Contact us for more information.


Got your mates together? Decided what challenges you want to do? Raring to go?

Check out the below for proposed schedule (which is subject to change):

Date Venue Open Hours VR Experience
25 OCT 2020
Tuggeranong Chiropractic Centre
11am - 7pm
Ubisoft Escape RM
vrCAVE Escape RM
Ubisoft Escape RM

If your team is ready, you’ve checked our schedule and like what you see… c’mon down. We may need to cancel a scheduled day if it is not commercially viable to run.

contact us

Please contact us via e-mail ( or click the button below to go to the web form.

*This offer may be withdrawn or changed at any stage. Valid from 30 April 2020 to 31 October 2020.


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