So what is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is where you are teleported into another reality where the real world rules are suspended. Basically, when you put on your headset, you will enter a whole new world to do whatever can imagine. Just be careful when you come out… while you can walk through a table in VR, you won’t have the same easy (and painless) experience in real life.

Sounds cool, but what's the difference with all the things you offer?

We offer a wide range of choices so that you can have the best possible experience.

For VR Arcade:

Book a time slot and choose from our large selection of games in your own private booth. You are in control and can switch players and games if and when you wish. Each booth is 3m x 3m with a TV screen in front showing what the players are seeing and hearing

 If you want to join multiple booths together in a multiplayer game, that’s possible too.

Just remember, if you switch players in/out, the timer doesn’t stop.

For VR FPS Station:

These are limited to a selection of VR First Person Shooter games and they are dedicated stations to just that.

For VR Escape Rooms:

These are played as a group, depending on the Escape Room type (explained below), the set up will vary, but the amount of fun and excitement won’t.

For VR Racing Simulators: 

These are designed to give you the most realistic racing experience in Canberra. You can pick your car, pick your track, pick your race conditions, all in VR. Turn your head around, just like in a real car. We know a lot of you want to know if you can take on Bathurst, so that’s what it’s designed for.

my group likes escape rooms, but how do we choose which type?

First off, whatever you’ve been told playing in a real physical Escape Room, forget all of it. We get you’ve been told not to break stuff, touch stuff or move things with more than a finger’s worth of strength. In our games, sometimes breaking that one thing (not our equipment that runs the game) might be the key to success, so have fun and bring out your inner child.

It depends what your group enjoys more. The Assassin’s Creed Escape Room Experiences tailor towards players who enjoy exploration and want to feel as if they are part of a game experience. The experience is designed so that players do not see any loading screens, rather a seamlessly built world from the moment you step in. Due to the vastness, this game is played in individual booths with some teleportation involved, voice communication is built in for communication between players. There is no impending countdown in this one.

For those who want a more traditional Escape Room and for the serious players, the vrCAVE selection might be the more appropriate choice. These are what you would probably have played in an actual physical room, only the props and puzzles are virtual and not physically there (so don’t lean on that table). These rooms have levels and players are both physically + virtually in the same playing space with an impending countdown.

We love both types of Escape Rooms, so don’t make us choose one or the other…

what's the difficulty of your escape rooms?

For the Assassin’s Creed Escape Room Experiences:

The level of difficulty is around the same for both, only that the puzzles are longer to complete in Beyond Medusa’s Gate than Escape The Lost Pyramid.

For the vrCAVE Escape Rooms:

Based on player experiences, Depths of Osiris is the easiest, Space Station Tiberia takes a little longer, and Dragon Tower is the longest. However with all Escape Rooms, it varies based on the group’s skill set. 

how long are your rooms?

For the Assassin’s Creed Escape Room Experiences:

The general run time is 60 minutes. This game does not have a hard stop timer (which means the game won’t stop at exactly 60 minutes). It is up to the operator and buffer time between booked sessions if overtime is given.

For the vrCAVE Escape Rooms:

The general run time is 35 minutes. This game does have a hard stop timer (which means the game will stop at exactly 35 minutes). The operator will exercise discretion whether to increase the time allowed if not enough progress is made within the 35 minute time limit. An arcade game session of 10 minutes is run afterwards to unwind as the Escape Rooms can be intense.

who can participate?

For the Assassin’s Creed Escape Room Experiences and vrCAVE Escape Rooms:

Players from the age of 7 can participate, we recommend 10 years of age and above. There is no extreme violence, horror, gore or sexual content in any of our Escape Rooms contrary to what is in the Assassin’s Creed games or perception. The games are designed to be family friendly.

The age limitation is due to the weight of the backpack PCs and headsets. They weigh approximately 4.5kg together.

For the VR Arcade and VR Racing Simualtors:

Players from the age of 7 can participate, we recommend 10 years of age and above.The game selection can be age limited so inappropriate content can be blocked from view or selection by players, please let our team know before the session begins if you would like this to happen.

The age limitation is due to the weight of the backpack PCs and headsets. They weigh approximately 4.5kg together. 

Think you get sick from virtual reality...? maybe not

For the Assassin’s Creed Escape Room Experiences and vrCAVE Escape Rooms:

Both types of Escape Rooms have been designed so that people do not get motion sickness from playing. Players who have said they get motion sickness have played the games and been fine during the entire session. However on the rare occasion that it may happen, there are facilities provided in case of sickness.

For the VR Arcade and VR Racing Simualtors:

This will depend on the game you are playing. Most of the games are designed to prevent or reduce motion sickness, however there are some games in our library which might be unsuitable for these players.

how many people can be catered for?

For the Assassin’s Creed Escape Room Experiences:

The total number of people who can play is 2 or 4 in the same experience. This is due to puzzles being designed as pairs.

If a group of 6 people wish to play, a 4 player team and a 2 player team can be run in the same instance, however, both teams will not be in the same experience as each other and will not be able to communicate or see each other.

For the vrCAVE Escape Rooms:

Up to 5 players can be accommodated in this Escape Room, however we prefer to run with max of 4 players due to crowding issues around certain puzzles.

For the VR Arcade:

Due to reduced demand, we have reduced the number to 5 players at once, they can be in single player mode or hooked together in multiplayer games.

For the VR Racing Simulators:

Only 2 players can be accommodated at a time.

For the FPS Arcade Stations:

Up to 4 players can be accommodated at a time. These stations do not link up to the other Arcade stations we have at this time.

For the entire venue:

Only 5 players can be playing VR Escape Rooms or VR Arcade at the same time (these are a pooled resource). 2 players can be using the VR Racing simulators and 4 players in our FPS Arcade stations.

This means a total of 11 players can be playing VR at one time.

What do you recommend for this age group?

For families:

We would recommend:

– Rec Room (includes paintball and quests)

– SkyfrontVR (team sky battles)

– Beat Saber (rhythm music game)

For corporate:

We would recommend:

– Escape Rooms (Assassin’s Creed and vrCAVE)

– Superhot VR (dynamic movement game)

– Arizona Sunshine (zombie shooter game)

For kids only:

We would recommend:

– Beat Saber (rhythm music game)

– Sprint Vector (virtual racing, speed run type of game)

– Job Simulator (fun and goofy take on jobs as a robot)

Can I spectate or check it out first?

Absolutely, if you don’t want to commit just yet, you can watch your friends/family play on our TV screens for most of our booths.

Or if we are running a session, you are more than welcome to come and take a look for yourself (just don’t look at the puzzle solutions, if you’re planning on watching an Escape Room).