Try out our virtual reality offerings where you’ll be transported into another world to explore, enjoy and challenge yourself or your mates in unreal situations.

Work your way out of tricky situations, find out who truly has your back, and who are your worst enemies.

Go into a whole new world to explore, see the new experiences to be had. Why not walk the plank high above a city or roam the canals of Venice without spending a fortune? Or join others in an alternate dimension where you battle for glory.

These are just some of the experiences currently on offer, the selection may vary from time to time:

  • AFFECTED: The Manor
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Battlewake Arcade
  • Beat Saber
  • Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience
  • Blocks by Google
  • Clash of Chefs VR
  • Cowbots and Aliens
  • Dissection Simulator: Frog Edition
  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Time
  • Eagle Flight Arcade
  • Evasion
  • Furious Seas
  • Google Earth VR
  • Job Simulator
  • Loco Dojo
  • Minecraft VR (Own Account Only)
  • Nature Treks VR
  • Ninja Legends
  • OhShape
  • Pistol Whip
  • QuiVr
  • QuiVr Vanguard
  • Pavlov VR (limited stations)
  • Raw Data Arcade
  • Rec Room
  • Richie's Plank Experience
  • Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates
  • Skyfront VR
  • Space Junkies Arcade
  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Sprint Vector Arcade
  • SUPERHOT VR: Arcade
  • The Gallery: Episode 1: Call of the Starseed
  • Wave Circles
  • Zero Caliber VR

Solo, Crew; Creative, Exploration

Virtual Reality Booth* – Choose your own experiences

These options are for those who want the whole enchilada, the full experience with no holds barred.

8 booths in total.

***For new people and first timers, we recommend 1 hour maximum***

30 minutes


60 minutes

Best for the full experience


90 minutes

  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Farpoint VR
  • Firewall VR

VR FPS* – Dedicated to First Person Shooters

This area is dedicated to first person shooters, 1 to 4 players. 2 hands and 1 controller and infinite destiny.

4 stations in total.

***For new people and first timers, we recommend 1 hour maximum***

30/60/90 minutes

We recommend 60 minutes

$30/45/60 /station

Premium (Multiplayer Only) Escape Rooms Titles

Premium VR Escape Rooms* – Can you and your friends escape in time


2 Players



3 Players



4+ Players


Premium (Multiplayer Only) Experiences

Premium VR Experiences* – Feel it, live it




Add on with a Premium Escape Room Experience (Same day ONLY)

  • Single private room. 2-5 players. 2 players is the ideal amount to be immersive.
  • Play multiplayer with others at the same time, in the same experience
  • Only $10 if included with a Premium Escape Room Experience (Players can choose to participate and pay after their Escape Room or collect a ticket for next time)
  • *All sessions include 5 minute set up time. Please arrive 5 minutes early to ensure you are briefed and set up before your allocated start time.
  • *Sessions typically run for 8 minutes



Virtual Reality Racing Simulator – Motion rig

These are for the lead foots who want to go mano a mano on the motion racing sims. Set a personal record or get bragging rights to keep.

15 minutes


30 minutes


60 minutes

  • Full motion simulator. Feel every turn and bump
  • Race against others. Be the first to win, or set a new personal record
  • Race using your favourite car. Test it on your favourite real world track