Rules & Conditions of Entry:

Tournament final runs on Saturday, 11 January 2019 between 3pm and 5pm [POSTPONED] at Mind Trap Canberra.

Practice sessions can be paid for online or in person at a special rate of $25 per hour. Stations will be locked to Beat Saber only for these bookings. These sessions are not compulsory to enter the tournament.

Points scoring will be points added from $100 Bills and Escape together, played back to back on ‘No Fail’ mode. Points will not be added from the highest attempt of either song from multiple attempts.

1 attempt constitutes an attempt at $100 Bills and Escape. If you fail an attempt at $100 Bills, your attempt for $100 Bills is over, however you can proceed to then move on to Escape, but your points will not be counted unless both songs are played (and completed) back to back.

There is no difficulty imposed, however higher difficulties will give more points and more combo blocks to allow all players to have an equal chance without restricting it to specific difficulties.

Booking your attempts online will grant you a free extra attempt (3 + 1 attempts or 5 + 1 attempts) to use on the final tournament night.

If you have booked attempts and are unable to make it, you may transfer your attempts to another player, HOWEVER you must inform Mind Trap Canberra via e-mail with your authority to transfer attempts to said player. No refunds can be provided for attempts which are unused at the end of the night.

One prize per person, one person per attempt. No interchanging of players on attempts allowed on the day of the tournament.

Players may purchase extra attempts on the day of the tournament before the allotted tournament end time has elapsed to obtain a higher score.


1st prize: Cash prize + 1 hour free arcade session voucher

2nd prize: 4 person/4 hour free arcade session voucher

3rd prize: 2 person/2 hour free arcade session voucher 


*Conditions subject to change before tournament. Tournament may be rescheduled or cancelled if attendee numbers fall below the minimum required.

We're making some changes in the near future based on feedback...

  • More consistent experiences
  • More operating hours available
  • Less staff interventions during game play
  • Wider content range
  • Expanded VR capacity and new VR experiences
  • Group console gaming area and breakout area for card games
  • Hot food options*
  • Discount pass for frequent customers (VR Arcade only)
  • More pricing options for larger groups
  • Minor enhancements to existing games and experiences
  • Discounts for booking online